Nicholas is currently employed at a number of tertiary education institutions, including the Australian Institute of Music, the International Screen Academy and has also worked as an accompanist and tutor in the NIDA Open program. He has been the Conductor of the Sydney Girls Orchestra since 2017. Nicholas has been Musical Director for 'Little Shop of Horrors', 'Fame', 'Together Apart', 'Identical', 'Devoted, 'Loving', and 'Coda'. He was Assistant Musical Director for Hats Off (Seymour Centre) and King of the Air (Angel Place).
In 2018 Nicholas joins 'Ripple Effect' as a Teaching Artist. ‘Ripple Effect’ is an inclusive arts initiative between Murmuration and The Arts Centre (TAC) Cootamundra. The program includes a series of inclusive student workshops, public events, professional development forums and the production of a short film and live performance.
"Nicholas has the ability to create caring and nurturing working relationships with young artists based on mutual respect. He inspires and absolutely understands the teacher/student code of conduct and the responsibility a lecturer carries in order to create a safe working environment. He is an exceptional vocalist in his own right, is highly regarded as a conductor, composer and accompanist and has the ability to ‘teach from the keyboard’ – a rare quality. His knowledge of vocal pedagogy is incomparable." - PHILIP QUAST 

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