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"Nicholas has the ability to create caring and nurturing working relationships with young artists based on mutual respect. He inspires and absolutely understands the teacher/student code of conduct and the responsibility a lecturer carries in order to create a safe working environment. He is an exceptional vocalist in his own right, is highly regarded as a conductor, composer and accompanist and has the ability to ‘teach from the keyboard’ – a rare quality. His knowledge of vocal pedagogy is incomparable." - PHILIP QUAST

Nicholas Gentile Vocal Studio

Nicholas, an Academic Lecturer at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and the Australian Institute of Music, brings his expertise to various esteemed institutions, including Brent Street Studios, NIDA, The International Screen Academy, and TheatreBlacks. As a highly enthusiastic and experienced educator, he holds tertiary qualifications, demonstrating exceptional musicianship and a deep understanding of diverse musical genres. Above all, Nicholas is driven by a profound passion for teaching.


  • 30 mins: $50

  • 60 mins: $100


In my singing studio, I prioritise instilling a deep respect for vocal health and developing a strong foundation in technical and musical skills. As a mentor, I guide singers not only in refining their craft but also in navigating the diverse paths of their careers. Central to my vision is the creation of a supportive community of singers who thrive on mutual learning and encouragement.

Step into the studio, where taking musical risks is encouraged within a secure and nurturing environment. It's a place where you'll find unwavering support and motivation to amplify your singing journey.

Discover a space tailored for your growth and musical exploration – join me in crafting a harmonious experience.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic lessons can be conducted online or in person. 

Online lessons are a wonderful opportunity to continue or commence your singing journey while ensuring appropriate social distancing. They are also an excellent way to keep children entertained and add some fun to days at home. If you have any questions or concerns about how online lessons work please let me know.


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