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Nicholas Gentile has carved a distinguished niche for himself in the music industry, earning acclaim for his prowess in theatre, performance, and composition. A graduate of the esteemed Talent Development Project, Nicholas has honed his skills on a global stage.

His journey took a pivotal turn with a BMM scholarship, affording him the opportunity to delve into conducting on London's West End under the guidance of Denise Ham and Colin Pettit for Les Miserables. Venturing to Broadway in 2013 through the Talent Development Project, Nicholas collaborated with luminaries like Stephen Schwartz and Alan Menken, performing in renowned venues such as Don’t Tell Mamma and The Kennedy Centre. He was subsequently invited back as a participant in the Marvin Hamlisch Broadway Conductors Program. Back in Australia, Nicholas assumed the role of Chief Conductor for the Sydney Girls Orchestra.

Nicholas's musical odyssey continued with invitations from the ASCAP Foundation, leading to his involvement in the development of new musicals in New York and Los Angeles under the mentorship of Stephen Schwartz.

As a composer, Nicholas is the creative force behind La Creole, Together Apart, and a trilogy of musical short films (Identical, Devoted, Loving), featuring the acclaimed Philip Quast. His talents extend to composing and orchestrating for short films showcased at international film festivals. Notably, his opera, Émile & Voltaire, evolved into a feature film with Opera Australia as a major contributor, premiering in Lucca, Italy, in May 2020 and receiving accolades at esteemed film festivals.

An educator at heart, Nicholas played a pivotal role in devising the musical theatre curriculum at the Sydney Actors School. He continues to share his knowledge as a musical theatre instructor at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and the Australian Institute of Music.

In 2022, Nicholas assumed the role of Artistic Director at Pacific Ocean Partners (POP). Within this capacity, he played a crucial role in establishing POP's subsidiary, The YOUniverse, a creative hub dedicated to enriching Vietnam's cultural landscape. Notable productions under his guidance include "Alice in Wonderland" at the Hanoi Opera House and his role as conductor for the 2023 season of "Shrek" at the same venue.

As the mastermind behind Broadway Reimagined, Nicholas has taken his creation on an international journey, captivating audiences in corporate and cruise sectors worldwide. His multifaceted contributions continue to shape the vibrant landscape of the arts.


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